This project provides a collection of Microsoft Windows kernel structures, unions and enumerations. Most of them are not officially documented and cannot be found in Windows Driver Kit (WDK) headers. The target audience of this site is driver developers and kernel researches.

Where did we get the information?

Information about kernel structures, unions and enumerations is extracted from publicly available PDB files. We wrote a sophisticated parser that reconstructs C/C++ code from PDB files. So far it's the best known reconstructor as it can handle const/volatile modifiers, bit fields, function pointers, unions, arrays and anonymous types.

Why "Vergilius"?

Who can be a better guide in a dangerous and exciting trip to the depth of Microsoft Windows kernel than Vergilius, a man who literally went to Hell with Dante? We can't offer you a company of ancient Roman poet but this website with highlighted C/C++ syntax will be helpful.


If you have any questions or ideas for improving our website please contact us.


Svitlana Storchak (design and programming) 

“Vergilius” is my first serious and currently the most important experience in creating web-applications. Despite improving and acquiring new skills, this project also helped me realize that even in a such sophisticated area like software development there are plenty of possibilities for creativity and self-expression. Combined with understanding that "Vergilius" can be useful for other developers, this discovery made design process so interesting and inspiring.

Sergey Podobry (inspirator and critic) 

My main profile is C/C++ system programming including Windows drivers. I saw a similar project on the web but it was outdated and abandoned however it was still helpful. So I decided to create a better one. Luckily I've got Svitlana just graduated so I've gave her an idea for her portfolio project.